A refugee from industry who wanted to:
1) Be a screenwriter
2) Join the circus
3) Open a restaurant that sells only Hummus (yes, the dip)

… but instead opted for an MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. These are my stories.

The blog header photo features a steak knife salesman plying his trade on the ferry from Istanbul to the Princes’ Islands, a motley collection of tourists, another hot coffee lawsuit waiting to happen, and of course the famed (infamous?) Khaosan road in Bangkok.


6 responses to “About

  1. have you seen my blog>

    – Yeah, Í’ve been a fan for the past year. Reading your blog definitely inspired me to start my own INSEAD blog.

  2. Hi There,

    I cam acorss your blog in searching for past INSEAD students. I was wondering if I could pick your brain as to your experince at INSEAD. Would love to hear back from you.

    Thanks in Advance,

  3. Hey- love your blog. I just (after much deliberation) turned down my place in the Insead 09 class. It’s great to still get a window into the experience. Congrats on graduating!

  4. runlolarunnn

    you should pursue the first option.. when you get a chance. really. would be interested to read your top 10 list of screenplays.
    commend you on taking the road less travelled. i’m planning on applying to insead, it seems to be the best b-school for entrepreneurs. do you know if any of your colleagues succeeded in their startups, given the state of the economy?

    MDS Responds:
    Some of my favourite screenplays are The Game and anything by David Mamet (eg. Glengarry Glen Ross). I love the natural realism of Mamet– he has an ear for good dialogue.

    I’m not sure that INSEAD is the best school for entrepreneurs (Babson is. They force you to start a company while in school). An MBA depends on your background and what you plan to do- – My advice to all would-be MBA entrepreneurs, is to skip the degree and use the $100,000 you will spend on your MBA as start-up capital. You have to convince yourself why it makes sense to spend so much money and to lose a year. How will that take you close to your entrepreneurial dream?

    I don’t know anyone in my class who started a business from scratch. Some student started turnaround projects as part of INSEAD classes and made offers to purchase SME companies and run them.

    Lots of INSEAD MBAs start companies, but usually after 5-10 years of industry experience. Other MBA alumni start one-man consulting firms after working for large consultancies. The best success stories are high tech or biotech entrepreneurs who recognized new opportunities and quickly created new companies. I’ve seen a few of these who did extremely well ($500 million exits etc.) Usually these entrepreneurs had a revolving door relationship with a promising industry- eg. they worked in Silicon Valley in software/hardware in Big pharma companies and keep going back and forth between industry and entrepreneurship.

  5. Thanks for the wonderful blog. You have superb command of the language which makes it a pleasure to read your lines.
    I must say that your advice to think what to do with the 100,000$ it costs to do an MBA helped me reconcile with not doing a degree myself.
    I also loved your enigmatic reference to the small country you came from, where no one wants to be a sucker. A fun riddle to solve :).
    I hope that your future career works out as you hope.
    If you ever publish a book please let me know. I would love to read it.

  6. Again looking into INSEAD, chiefly because I knew a hot girl who went there and if I can meet hot girls there then it may be the place to go. I digress, there is a restaurant in London called Hummus Brothers that only sells hummus. It’s in Soho

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