The Blogger Receives Interview Invitations and Interview Rejections

INSEAD’s Career Link Jobs Board, Circa 1982

Recruiting has started and so have the rejections and interviews. I will try to keep score and at the end of the process I hope to provide you with the final box score numbers of jobs applied to, 1st round invites, 2nd round invites, and offers (hopefully there will be at least one!) but for the moment, I will only say that I have received both good news and bad news.  Yesterday I saw a poster on the door of a Philadelphia McDonald’s that read, “Now Hiring Store Managers, salary up to $57,000”.  When I have a chance, I’d like to run a net present value simulation to calculate the break even point between working at McDonald’s vs. going to INSEAD.

The big Wharton Studio 54  party is coming up on Thursday. The theme is Jungle Love and I suspect (fear?) that many Wharton MBAs are planning to dress in loin-cloth or body paint. I think I will just wear club clothes. The party will feature shooter-boys in thongs and shooter-girls in bikinis, pouring shots. Who says only INSEAD MBAs know how to have fun? The following day I have a Goldman Sachs conference in New York, so I hope I can recover in time.


2 responses to “The Blogger Receives Interview Invitations and Interview Rejections

  1. As a prospective applicant, I am very interested indeed in seeing your McDonalds vs. INSEAD calculation (although the ship has more or less already sailed for me). Your blog gets better and better…

  2. Hi,
    Was fun reading your blog. I live in philly currently and am applying to INSEAD for Jan-09. Would be great to talk to someone who is graduating from the program now.
    Please let me know if we can meet for a drink or something and chat..btw Id be happy to give u the philly tour if you are interested !

    MDS Responds: Your e-mail didn’t work. Send me another comment with another e-mail address.

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